Thursday, March 14, 2013

Music Makes the People...

In response to our HR music lesson I would like you to appeal to your emotional side for a bit.  Please answer the following questions and speak with feeling and passion ( and honesty).
When you are done answering the questions, I would like you to respond to at least two other people's responses.  Let's share together and interact a bit because we will be doing a lot of this the next couple of months.

1.  Why was music so vital in expanding the voices of the HR?  What were its implications into culture?

2.  How does music (or art, film, or any other creative medium) inspire and shape you?  Show how.  How is it a "feeling" and "response"?  How does it reflect your spirit?  Is it something that frees you?  Brings catharsis?  Compassion?  Empathy?  Please reflect.

3.  Fill in the blank-(keep this toward the topic of music or art):
When I hear (see, sing...)____________, I know/I feel________________.
Please elaborate on your statement.

Example: When I hear Motown-from Otis Redding, Marvin Gay and Stevie Wonder to Aretha Franklin and  the Temptations, I am entranced.  It is a connection I feel.   I am listening to art passed down to me.  I am listening to something that speaks truth-something that was meant to transcend. I hear something that was played in the house on Saturday mornings, cleaning the furniture and singing and dancing with a mop.  In my car, on lazy Sunday's or when the doldrums of life seem too real, I put in my Motown and it shares its voice allowing for a more liberating experience.  It is an experience, a nostalgia, a memory of times that always pervade my soul with warmth.  It is a love of past experience and knowledge. A love of the shouts, and beats, rhythms, rhymes and that of LIFE!
"but the soft words they are spoke so gentle
yeah yeah yeah
and it makes it easier to bear
oh she wont regret it
no no
them young girls they dont forget it
love is their whole happiness
yeah yeha yeah
but its all so easy
all you got to do is try
try a little tenderness"-

Every time I listen to those lyrics, I smile.  Otis lives through me, letting me know the trials of love, of want, of a lesson learned.  I shout it from the pit of my stomach and blare it out.  Oh how I could go on...

4.  Pick one song that moves you and share your ideas.

5.  If you so desire; tell me your top music artists: 
For me: 
1. Led Zeppelin
2.  Tool 
3. Dave Matthews Band 
4.  Metallica
5.  Rodrigo y Gabriela...and the list goes on and on...


  1. Music was vital in expanding the voices of the Harlem Renaissance because people actually listened to the music. Everyone listened to music and it was a good way to get your message across. The tune could pull you in and the stories were relevant. It affected culture because both black and white artists were learning they would be heard if they produced music.

    Music shapes me by the messages they convey. I like listening to the lyrics and realizing how they fit into my life. The beat travels through my body. There are different songs for different times in my day. For example I have my soccer playlist, my doing homework, my before bed, my driving in the car with the windows down, my sitting inside because it’s snowing. Everything, all my feelings can be put into music. The feeling I get from music determines how I respond. A happy tune makes me happy. It either pumps me up or calms me down.

    When I hear country music, I feel free. Country music ranges from romance to dirt and everything in between. It’s one of the genres that has a song for every mood. Country life, to me, means small town, understanding, honest, and welcoming people. It’s hard work and it’s worth it. The people get by even if they don’t have all the money and luxuries. That carries into the music country artists create. Of course, artists like Keith Urban, Kenny Chesney, Blake Shelton don’t work on a farm all day but they live the country through their music. I feel relieved when listening to country music because they always describe my feelings. I can roll the windows and dance in my seat or lay in my bed covered under all the blankets.

    One song that moves me is “My Body” by The Giant. It’s actually on my running playlist, so it literally helps me move. One line is “my body tells me no, but I won’t quit, cuz I want more”. For me this just means when I’ve maxed out sometime during a distance workout or I my legs just refuse to move, I have to think of this. It also could relate to soccer when my knees have no skin and my shins are bruised and I wonder why I do sports. It’s because “I want more”. Mental toughness comes first in distance running then you have to be fit and fast. My brain tells my body what to do, because usually human body’s can handle a lot more than we think. So I have to get over obstacles I make in my head and just push further.

    My favorite music artists change all the time! So currently my favorites are; Train, Andy Grammer, Florida Georgia Line, and Brad Paisley. But I bet tomorrow those will all be different.

    1. I like how you find that different music fits your different moods. It is really amazing how music has the power to move you to an emotional response. I couldn't imagine a suspense movie without the orchestra. Music completes a mood and I like how you show that

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  3. 1. Music was vital in expanding the voices of the HR because the blues allowed African Americans to take the pain of racism and oppression and transform it into a stronger character, voice, and hope. Like Melissa said, the stories told in the blues were relevant because they told of all the hardship African Americans suffered through, and the music itself served to unite the black culture. Each voice told an individual struggle, and the voices expanded as more and more people began to sing the blues. Blacks defined their culture through their individual style of music.
    2. Music especially influences me in my faith. The song "Sanctuary" especially makes me feel connected to a deeper meaning. I love singing black gospel music in youth choir because it makes me feel like I could take the whole world on. Also, like Melissa, I listen to different music during different moods of the day. I listen to loud hip hop on the way to soccer, windows down and the bass pounding, to pump myself up(wow, I'm sooo bad). I usually listen to quirky music when I'm doing homework, like Maroon 5, CeeLo, or Jason Mraz. And when I'm in a sing along mode, it's probably Glee. Music amplifies my mood.
    3. When I hear sing "Girl on Fire", I feel as if even if the world misunderstands me, I can take on anything. This song is a source of strength, but also purely fun to sing. It's a pick me up, and I just belt it out without caring what I sound like. When I sing this song, I feel like nobody can touch me because I am so internally strong. Another song that serves to get me excited, or happy when I am sad, is "Forget you" by CeeLo. I don't know why, but this song always makes me laugh, so I sing it as loud (and probably as obnoxious) as I can, and try to annoy my siblings. This song always makes me smile.
    4. Songs that always move me are the songs "Fences" by Paramore and "Lucky" by Jason Mraz. For "Lucky", I love how it is so sweet and innocent and simple but yet deep and loving. It is just purely happy. And "Fences" by Paramore makes me feel strong whenever I feel like the world is against me. "I'm sitting in a room,
    Made up of only big white walls and in the hall
    There are people looking through". It's full of anger at society and defiance, "you can't break me". Being different is sometimes considered insanity. I have this on a live cd, and just hearing the excitement of the crowd makes me feel totally alive.
    5. My favorite music is whatever song I am listening to at that very moment. Even if I have never heard the song before, I sing along, trying to harmonize if it is a sweet and sad song or just belting it if I am in a really good mood. Music is a way for me to express my mood and to share my love for living.

    1. I like how you say you listen to different music depending on your mood. I agree 100%. Sometimes I just feel like being energized with hip hop and rap. Other times my sister and I come home from school and listen to sand Martina McBride songs until we cry. Music has such a powerful effect to bring so many emotions to the table.

    2. I really love Paramore as well! That song is one of my favorites! I also liked what you said about taking all of that pain and turning it into something different. I completely agree.

    3. I couldn't help but notice that you had a live CD of Paramore, which made me kind of jealous, but I really liked how you mentioned the energy of the crowd. I feel like for a lot of bands, their live music is so much better than their album music just because you can hear the crowd, and it's almost like you can be there too.

    4. I like how you said that the Harlem Renaissance was a way for blacks to take their feelings and turn it into something stronger. I agree, because they needed something stronger in order to get people to notice them.

  4. Music was so vital in expanding black culture during the HR because it is the first form that actually allowed them to be heard. By this I mean, this was the first time that a black person could speak without someone telling them to be quiet. Before the Harlem Renaissance black creativity and ingenuity was considered less than that of a white. It’s sickening to think that this potential was kept under a veil for so long, but it did happen. That Harlem Renaissance was all about lifting this veil and allowing the voices of black culture to speak out.
    I feel as though film and music connect extremely well to me as an individual. They both evoke feeling in me; they can cause joy, sorrow, fear, etc. All ending in an enjoyable experience. It’s interesting to me that a video on a screen or notes through headphones can cause so much emotion to me. A great film or a catchy tune can pull me into another world. A world where nothing else matters but what the character says or the artist sings. A world where I don’t live in a suburbia going to high school. I watch the gladiator battles; I live on the bars of a musical piece.
    When I hear any music I know that life can only get better. This is a strange feeling to have, a strange revelation to occur, however easily explainable. A scary movie makes me realize that, “At least I’m not being stabbed by a psychopath!” An action film can make me exclaim, “I wish I were John McClane!” I wish myself into the roles, or wish that I am never put into any of those roles, and this gives me hope for the future.
    Something that I find strange about myself, and others probably find strange, is that the majority of my musical library is a bunch of soundtracks. When I play a game, or watch a movie, and hear a particular song, I always go download it. This is strange because rather than Usher I have John Williams, rather than Bieber I have Hans Zimmer. That said, many probably haven’t heard of this song, but it’s called “It’s a Process” from Moneyball. Now, if you go look it up, you would find that it’s a pretty upbeat inspirational song, and it’s exactly why I listen to movie soundtracks. It’s a song that can pull me out of the world I live in, though the world I live in is not necessarily bad, it allows me to get away. Another I could list would be “Hand Covers Bruise” from The Social Network, composed by Trent Reznor. This is an extremely strange song that I listen to a lot. The majority of the song is something that simply sounds like a train passing by, except for a few piano notes. Those few piano notes are so remarkable to me that this is probably one of my favorite songs.
    I wouldn’t really want to list my top music artists, simply because I have hundreds that could be number 1 and I don’t want to choose between them
    Melissa, I can tell you really like country music, which is something that, for lack of a better term, is an acquired taste. I am not saying the music is bad, far from it, but if anyone were to ask me which music style is the most hated I would say country (if this question were asked before dubstep became popular of course). I would also say it is the most loved. Why do you think county is like this? Why are reactions to the music so varied, is there a reason that you love the music that perhaps makes others dislike it?
    Bekah, something you mentioned, and I believe that Melissa mentioned also, is that you listen to music for different settings and moods. What I’m wondering is, do you think that music can actually affect you performance in certain situations? Do you think you work faster or with more quality in your homework because of Cee Lo Green? Do you feel that you perform better at soccer because of that pounding bass?

    1. I would say that music can definitely affect they way we perform in certain situations. I think it can bring certain emotions and a certain mentality to overcome the task at hand. Someone may not perform as well during a game if they listen to sad music before hand vs. hip hop to pump them up. I also think that someones personal taste in music affects how they perform. If your favorite genre is classical it may not help you play the game better if you listen to rap prior to the game.

    2. When you said that it was interesting to you how music can provoke so much emotion. That is really interesting to think about. Why is it able to cause this emotion? What other things in life cause this same type of emotion?

    3. I agree with you on soundtracks, I have about a million pandora stations dedicated to soundtracks, and so many albums on my iPod too. I think that the beat of music is what helps them in sports, I know in swimming it's better to listen to something with a fast beat because that can influence the rhythm of your strokes and kick, which can either cause a person to go faster or slower. For things like homework, I think people gravitate towards what makes them feel most focused and calm. Personally I prefer either a soundtrack or country, and if I really need to get something done and I'm tired, Taylor Swift is great. I think people listen to certain things because of the feeling it gives them.

  5. Music was vital for the people involved in the Harlem Renaissance because it allowed them to open the white people’s eyes to a new world. Their music allowed them to speak out and show their point of view. The white people actually paid attention to this because the music was fresh. No one had heard anything like the blues. The music let the black peoples’ souls pour out and tell everyone about their struggles. Hardship is something we all have in common. At some point or another in a person’s life they will endure struggle and problems. No matter their gender, skin color, or wealth, everybody struggles. The blues and music of the Harlem Renaissance enabled people to begin coming together.
    Dance has shaped my life in more ways than I would’ve ever guessed as a third grader going to my first ballet class. I’ve learned discipline and hard work. I have pushed myself past barriers to accomplish goals. And I have started back from the basics many times after my surgeries. When I am in the studio I forget all my troubles and let my soul speak through my movements. I become free in front of those mirrors and I dance for myself. I don’t do it to please anybody or make them happy. I dance to inspire and become the best that I can be. Dancing has allowed me to become who I am today. I am confident to express myself, and although I don’t always speak up with words I can speak my mind through dance. I don’t dance because I have talent or because it’s just something I’m good at. I dance because it is my escape from stress. The studio is a place for me to focus on what’s important and forget unnecessary worry. Dance is a way to let my soul speak.
    When I hear Hip Hop I feel energized. The music just pumps me up and makes me want to start dancing. My favorite thing to do is listen to songs I know the words to. Whenever I’m in the car I sing almost every song. I love to drive in the convertible with my sister and just belt out every word. I also love when a rap song comes on because those are my favorite to sing. I wouldn’t say I really have a deep internal connection to the music I just have fun singing and dancing along.
    For me the best songs are those in which I can listen to and immediately picture steps of choreography in my head. One song that especially moves me is “Let’s Go” by Travis Barker Feat. Yelawolf, Twista, Busta Rhymes and Lil Jon – Remixed by Ricky Luna. This is the song in the opening mob scene in Step Up Revolution and I just love to get up and dance to it. I picture all these fun dance moves in my head and I always think of tWitch (one of my favorite dancers) and his moves to this song. The song is mostly rap and just a bunch of crazy lyrics from the artists but it reflects the art of dance. Dance is a diverse language and there are so many ways to make it your own.
    I love so many different artists – pretty much anything I can sing. I am big into hip hop and country. I love songs from: Rihanna, Kendrick Lamar, Kayne, Usher, Imagine Dragons, Trey Songz, Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Jana Kramer, Lee Brice, Florida Georgia Line, Kacey Musgroves, Big and Rich, Shania Twain and so many more. I tend to move on from songs quickly so my favorite songs and artists change quite often.

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    2. I really like how you said that you dance for yourself rather than dancing to make everyone else happy. When you focus on how it impacts you as an individual, it has that much more meaning. I feel like this is important in all types of self expression. When I get dressed in the morning, I try to think about what clothes will make me feel confident. Sometimes it is hard to ignore other people’s opinions, but I don't pick out my outfits based on what they think. I want my clothes and my outfits to make me happy; I don't dress to impress everybody around me.

    3. I really enjoyed hearing about how you sing in the car to every song because I can really connect to that. A lot of the times, for me, it's not about what they are saying but the beat of the song. If I can move like no body's business than I will and no one can get in my way. It's almost as if the music snuck under my skin and is now crawling around so that I have to dance. Right now for example, as I am writing this, I am listening to Just One Last Time by David Guetta and I can't stop throwing my hands in the air and bobbing my head.

    4. You're such a sweet person, but I laughed out loud when I read about what kind of music you grooved on! I can definitely relate with loving hip hop and dance music even though my pug can dance better than me. I also liked that you said that when you forget everything when you're in the studio, all your worries and stresses, and just focus on how much you love doing what you do. I connected to all of your struggles and discipline because I was a very weak child, and had to have heart surgery, on top of getting sick all the time. But I just pushed through doing swimming, horseback riding, taekwondo... Not to make others happy, but to become free in the moment and push past what people think of you. Way to go!

  6. Music was so vital in expanding the voices of the Harlem Renaissance because music invokes a certain emotion in people that allows for their true thoughts and feelings to escape. Music can affect people in greater ways than writing or plain conversation. I once came across a quote that said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” People are driven by music and the stories that the lyrics tell. People are driven by the rhythm and power of each note, chord and sound that plays from the instrument. The harmony of each individual sound coming together creates passion and encouragement. Music speaks. Anyone can be heard through music, which made it so vital to the Harlem Renaissance and culture.

    Music shapes me because the messages, thoughts, feelings that are expressed hit me with a certain force that inspires me. When I listen to certain songs, I can feel myself escaping. I love being able to connect to the lyrics and apply them to my life. Just like what Melissa said, “The beat travels through my body.” One of my favorite things to do is play music as loud as possible and simply sit there and feel the emotion conveyed through it. I love getting goose bumps from the sounds. I certainly feel free when I listen to music. There’s just something about it that connects to me.

    When I hear my favorite bands/singers such as Tool, Ed Sheeran, Mastodon, Pink Floyd and Mumford & Sons, I feel comfortable, inspired and enthralled. Sometimes I am energized. I always feel music. I love when music brings back memories or feelings from another time. In the song Breathe by Pink Floyd, he says, “For long you live and high you fly, and smiles you'll give and tears you'll cry, and all you touch and all you see, is all your life will ever be.” I love these lyrics because they are so simple yet so powerful. They are a reminder to me that every little thing has a purpose. I also love when Tool sings, “I embrace my desire to feel the rhythm, to feel connected, enough to step aside and weep like a widow, to feel inspired, to fathom the power, to witness the beauty, to bathe in the fountain, to swing on the spiral of our divinity and still be a human.” These lyrics speak to me because I find so much meaning in them, and I love the depth.

    I definitely cannot pick a favorite song, but one song that truly moves me is U.N.I. by Ed Sheeran. I absolutely love beat and how it is sincere and slow, yet upbeat and energetic. One of my favorite parts of the song is when he says, “Because if I was gonna go somewhere, I'd be there by now, and maybe I can let myself down. And I'm thinking that I'm unaware, I keep my feet on the ground and keep looking around to make sure I'm not the only one to feel low.” I love the honesty in what he says and it gives me goose bumps. I cannot sing to save my life, but I sing this song every time I hear it.

    My favorite bands/artists (in no particular order) are Tool, Ed Sheeran, Mastodon, Pink Floyd, Mumford & Sons and The Lumineers.

    “Without music, life would be a mistake.”
    Friedrich Nietzsche

    1. Colleen,
      I absolutely love how you break down music into rhythm, then chords and finally harmony. By breaking down music into much more than the song itself, it made me realize how much I miss while just listening to the lyrics, there is so much more that I need to look into while listening to a song. Also, I love you ended with that last word, "harmony" that word has so much meaning and correlation to the Harlem Renaissance.

    2. I love how you can just put into words your escape into your music. Your quotes are great in emphasizing to what extent music has an impact on you. I agree when you talked about not being able to pick a favorite song, just because I feel the music you pick also reflects the artists, and to enjoy music, one must value, and respect the viewpoints of the musician. Nothings greater than being able to feel the vibrations of good, blaring music in your chest. Sitting there and absorbing GREATNESS. I love all of your artists, partly because you're the one who introduced some of them to me. :) It seems that all of your favorite musicians reflect your soul and spirit, which I admire greatly!

  7. 1. Music was a huge part of expanding the voice of African Americans during the HR. The blues allowed them to transform their sorrows and struggles into motivation in a way, to seek justice. Their art didn't just bring them down more, but they built from it instead and became very strong. They also grew in strength because this Renaissance united them.

    2. I am not overly affected by music. It doesn't have a huge impact on me, but some songs definitely do. Some songs make me want to go out and improve my self, whether it be through sports or helping others. But other songs just put me in different moods, by making me feel happy, sad, focused, or just relaxed.

    3. When I hear songs sung by Sam Cooke or other artists of his time, I am overcome with feelings of happiness and simplicity. My favorite Pandora station is Summer Oldies, which has songs like What a Wonderful World by Sam Cooke, and My Girl by The Temptations, with also some Motown. I have yet to encounter a song in this genre that has negativity, or that mellows me while listening to it.

    1. I just have to say that I totally love Summer Oldies and I have a Temptation station on my Pandora! I love that someone else likes that music, too! I totally agree with what you said about coming across a song that makes me feel negatively!

  8. Music was vital in expanding the voices of HR because everyone listens to music. Not just the blacks or just the whites but everyone. Music was a way to bridge the races, to find a common interest between two extreme opposites. Blues started with Black people, singing about their hard times as a negro in a white world, but the Blues transformed as all sorts of people started singing about all sorts of problems. Everyone has a problem they'd like to share, a problem they need to get off their chest, or a problem they want sympathy for. Thats what the blues did. It healed not just the singer but the listeners, not just the blacks but anyone. Music is universal.

    Relating this topic back to me, music is more than just sounds that go good together, but it is art. Art is simply a form of self expression. Not only is it a good time to sit back and listen to music or paint or play piano, but its healing. On the worst of days the best therapy-and the cheapest- is art. Art transforms me from a bundle of stress to a happy camper.

    When I hear Beyonce I feel like another person. Beyonce is my weakness. I love Beyonce. Not only is her voice angelic, she is an all-around artist. She puts so much passion and emotion into everything she does whether its singing, acting, or dancing. She writes her own music unlike most modern popular artists. When I listen to any Beyonce song I instantly feel different, I feel like only the good parts of myself are relevant and I'm instantly flawless and good. I dont know why or how Beyonce makes me feel like that but she does! She has undeniable talent. Some of my favorites by her: Halo, I Care, I Was Here, Love On Top, and too many more to list.

    A song that moves me: Spanish Sahara. The touching yet simple lyrics, the instrumental development throughout the song, his voice, all these factors twist together into this amazing song that leaves me with a feeling a dont know how to describe.

    "So I walked into the haze
    And a million dirty ways
    Now I see you lying there
    Like a lie low losing air, air
    Black rocks and shoreline sand
    Still that summer I cannot bare
    And I wipe the sand of my arms
    The Spanish Sahara, the place that you'd wanna
    Leave the horror here"

    The most moved I've ever been my art was May 31st, 2012. This was the day I went to Bon Iver concert at Red Rocks Ampitheatre. The openers were good-great at the time- but they didnt compare to the main event. We got there around 6, listened to the first opener. 7 oclock the second opener came on-she was great, she got the crown excited, everyone up on their feet dancing. And then she finished and we waited, and waited and waited and then at 9:45 people started cheering and Bon Iver walked onto the stage. And they just started playing, and they played and played until midnight. The sun set while they played and the moon shone brighter than it had ever shone- the moon was definately a Bon Iver fan too.
    Surrounded by strangers who shared our passion, looking out at the skyline of denver, the night lights of the city, and the amazing music, the amazing sound and performace. Everything came together to make magic. My best friend whispered to me "This is why we Live" and she was right. It was, to this day, the most amazing night of my life.

    1. I love what you said about bridging the races. I feel like music was the easiest way to do that, and it was effective. I agree with you when you say that music is a form of self-expression, because it really is.

    2. I agree with what you said about music being a bridge between them, but were they really "extreme opposites"? Although they did have a few differences, could they really be considered opposites?

  9. Music was essential in expanding the voices of the HR because it allowed people to express themselves through a language that everyone could understand. The blues created opportunities for black people to share their experiences and their struggles. This music was, and still is, much more than just singing and playing instruments. There is deeper meaning within the music and the stories being told. African Americans used their hardships to create powerful music that gave them a voice in society. During the Harlem Renaissance, people paid attention to this music and the messages that were illustrated within each song.

    I listen to music when I am doing homework or cleaning my room; often times it is the background music to whatever I may be doing. Sometimes I don't even focus on the words, I just start humming or singing without really thinking about what I am saying. Even then, the tone of the music and the tempo can change my mood and my mindset. When I do focus on the words and the stories they tell, I am sometimes surprised by how much they impact me. Music has the power to influence my emotions and even my actions. I may not be the one actually performing the songs, but I can still connect and relate to them.

    When I hear a song like "Forever and Always" by Parachute, I feel like I am watching a sad movie. This song is sad, but it also tells the story of an engaged couple and their relationship. I feel like this song had a deeper meaning than most love songs. In this song, the man gets in some sort of accident and both of them know that he isn't going to make it. I can't directly relate to this situation, but it still has an impact on me. When song starts playing, sometimes I stop what I am doing and just listen to words. It makes me sad and happy and emotional all at the same time.

    This song moves me because it is a catchy song that I find myself singing throughout the day, but it also makes me think about my relationships and the people I care about.
    "She's sitting at the table, the hours get later
    He was supposed to be here
    She's sure he would have called
    She waits a little longer, there's no one in the driveway
    No one's said they've seen him
    Why, is something wrong?
    She looks back to the window
    Suddenly the phone rings
    A voice says something's happened
    That she should come right now..."
    When I listen to this song, I put myself in her situation. What would I do if I got that phone call? What would I regret? What would I wish that I had said? It makes me value my time with my friends and family even more, and it also illustrates the power of love and compassion.

    1. Amanda, I love what you say about stopping and listening to the song. I do the same thing all the time, and I can definitely connect with that. Also, your dissection of the meaning of the lyrics is very accurate, and I can completely see what you mean when you say you feel like you are watching a movie.

    2. I like what you said about not even listening to the words while you are doing homework or cleaning your room but how you still find yourself humming along and it can even impact your actions. This is totally true for me because when I a song comes on the radio that I don't know, if I like it, it usually slips into my mouth and I am humming it.

  10. 1. Music was vital in expanding the voices of the HR because it's the perfect way to spread new ideas. Music has an impact on everyone in some way, and this was how so many voices were brought to light in the HR. Through music, many artists were able to express their feelings and thoughts with the rest of the world. It was this spread of ideas that made music so vital in expanding the voices of the HR.

    2. Music is basically my way of expressing myself. Everyone has different tastes in music, film, art, and others. The music I listen to reflects how I view the world and who I really am. Music is a form of self-expression that I've learned is something no one can take away from you. It portrays your emotions and thoughts in a way everyone can understand. Music both shapes and reflects me.

    3. When I hear "For You Now", by Bruno Merz, I feel very calm and relaxed. The song makes me reflect on life and where I'm going in the future. The soothing voice and touching lyrics make this song unforgettable. This song comforts me and always has a way of calming me down when I feel flustered, stressed, or upset. "Everything will be alright".

    4. One song that always moves me is "This Is War", by 30 Seconds to Mars. I always feel encouraged and inspired after listening to it.
    "It's the moment to fight
    To the right to the left
    We will fight to the death
    To the edge of the earth
    Its a brave new world from the last to the first"
    The awesome rock beat and amazing voice behind the song doesn't hurt either. The song talks about fighting on and always gives me strength.

    5. My top music artists are:
    - Awolnation
    - Bruno Merz
    - 30 Seconds to Mars
    - Florence + The Machine
    - Imagine Dragons

    1. I really liked how you said the music is a way of expressing yourself because I feel the same way. I feel like without certain songs I wouldn't be able to explain how I feel at all. Sometimes saying I feel sad or happy isn't enough, but saying I feel like the song "Back in Black" by AC/DC just makes everything more relateable.

    2. I completely agree when you said that music could spread ideas to anyone. I think music, even when you don't completely understand what it's saying, can introduce a new way of seeing things.

  11. 1. Music was critical in expanding the voices because it was a way for the black population to share their pains and their families' pains. People actually listened instead of just brushed it off. This also gave the black people a culture that was more than their ancestors picking cotton. It allowed them to have the voice they had always wanted. People finally listened.

    2. Music to me can change people. I've listened to some songs and thought, that was life changing. For example, "Same Love" by Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, featuring Mary Lambert, made me smile so big I thought I'd never look the same. It put everything I thought about the subject into words. Another song that quite literally changed me was "Little Boxes" by Walk Off the Earth. It changed the way I viewed the world and the people in it. It's kind of a silly song, but there's an amount of truth spoken in it that can't be ignored. Music, maybe not so much as the lyrics, can give you new thoughts or ideas, new ways to make an argument, or help you make some sort of decision. It's a way to pump up before a game, or a way to help finish up a speech to a class using your favorite quote. The best part is that it's always changing, which means a constant stream of new and fresh voices, so long as you you're not listening to Ke$ha over and over again.

    3. When I hear "Sleeping Sickness" by City and Colour, I feel like I'm not the only one. The lyrics to this song just help me realize that no matter how crappy I'm feeling, or how bad my day was, if someone can write a song about it, then I'm obviously not the only one. I wish I could put a specific part of the song in my response, but I'm not sure I can pick my favorite or most relateable part. Every lyric, every tempo change, every strum of the guitar, I feel lifted. I feel like I can make it through.
    "Someone come and save my life,
    Maybe I'll sleep when I am dead,
    But now it's like the night is taking sides.
    All the worries that occupy,
    The backs of my mind,
    Could it be,
    That this misery,
    Will suffice."
    If anything, I'll quote the chorus, as that tends to be the heart of the song, even though I think this whole song is the heart.

    4. One song that moves me, maybe besides "Sleeping Sickness" is probably "Firefly" by Ed Sheeran. It's one of those songs that just make me feel happy. I get an almost lethargic feeling. It tells a story, but I feel like I can throw my own twist on it with what happens in my life or with what is happening in my life. It's so smooth and sweet. No, it's not inspirational, or tear jerking, but every time I hear it I can't help but smile and listen to at least the first few lines before I change it to the song I was originally searching for. The song explains the feeling you get when you're with someone that you don't want to let go, which I find hard to do.

    In no particular order, some of my favorite bands/artists are:
    1. Ed Sheeran
    2. Imagine Dragons
    3. Ani Difranco
    4. AC/DC
    5. Walk Off the Earth

    1. Taylor, I would completely agree with you when you say that songs can change people and their opinions. The example of "Same Love" is perfect, since it can highlight such a large topic in such a short time. I believe this is the most important trait of music, its ability to bring new ideas to listeners, in quite an enjoyable manner.

    2. Taylor, I really liked the way you said "It allowed them to have the voice they had always wanted." I agree with that and you said it in a way that showed the struggles they had faced in the past. Also, I agree with what you said about Little Boxes, the cover done by Walk Off the Earth. Not only is it a great cover musically, the lyrics are actually quite deep too.

  12. 1. The Harlem Renaissance utilized music as a tool that could be personalized to African American experiences. It allowed them to have a unique and different offering to the world, something that they had created, and something that they could relate to more than anything else. In fact, the music slowly turned into a culture of its own that the blacks could rally around. Even today, the effects and influence of the music from this movement are still embraced, so much so that it has spread beyond just African Americans.
    2. Music can be most important to me due to the message it can contain. Lyrics have the ability to reinforce my beliefs, change my mood, or introduce new ideas. I have always admired how music can to connect with each individual differently, and yet give all the people a common bond. I view music similar to a book or movie, telling a story within the words, and even the beat. Some tell a story of sorrow to the listener, while others tell a story of triumph. When listening to music, I can switch between many emotions, and usually end up feeling uplifted, having seen so many perspectives of the world in such a convenient way.
    3. When I hear music of any genre I feel captivated. Regardless of the style of music, I believe I have a duty as a listener to give my attention to the work of the artist. This mindset often makes me indulge in the music I listen to, delving deeper than the noise that is heard at the surface. I look for the reasoning, the methods, and the pure creativity that goes into every piece, and inevitably feel compelled to accept what the artist has to offer.
    4. One song that really resonates with me is “Hall of Fame” by the Script. I love this song because of the brilliant combination of an enjoyable tune with a very important message. The lyrics instruct each listener to give it their all in everything they do, because there is always a place where you will be remembered for it. The music video also adds to my appreciation of the song, as it shows two people on their journey to success, through many struggles at every turn. I can see the passion and intention of the artists very clearly in the song, and this is instantly transferred to me when I hear it.
    5. Honestly, I do not have favorite artists. The music I enjoy comes from the individual piece itself, and I have thoroughly enjoyed songs by many artists. It is very rare that I will enjoy every song by a specific person, and so I have never kept my focus on a single performer or two.

    1. I agree that the music of the HR was important because it represented the unique experiences of the African Americans. Music is truly astonishing how it can unite us even though it comes from something so exclusive. Music that only African Americans could create united the nation. It was, and is, truly magical

    2. I have to agree with you Sanjay when you said that it doesn't matter what genre the music anything can be moving! I totally feel the same way! I don't really like country music at all, but even that can make me reflect on myself and have a soothing effect on me. It's so cool that music can be that powerful that it doesn't even matter what kind it is!

  13. 1. Music was essential to the expansion of the HR because it was the perfect way to spread ideas. Music is great for spreading ideas, because things like language, heritage, and personal beliefs are insignificant when listening to music. Many of these HR artists would not be listened to if they were public speakers, but through the self-expression of music, they get their messages to the masses. People began to take the black community more seriously because of this movement.

    2. Music definitely impacts me. Music is one of the most important things in my life because it lets me feel the emotions expressed in the songs. And when I play an instrument, I can express myself through what I play. I shows who I really am and how I feel. It can change my mood or even what I want to do that day. Overall, music has a profound effect on how I live my life.

    3.When I hear music from my favorite bands, such as Mumford and Sons, Foo Fighters, or Led Zeppelin, I feel how those songs sound. When the songs are slow and clam, I feel relaxed at at ease. When they are upbeat and full of energy, I feel like I can take on the world and do anything I want. The music that I listen to effects who I am and how I choose to live my life every single day.

    4. One of the songs that really moves me is "The Pretender" By Foo Fighters. It makes me want to break out of the mould that we live in every day and make a name for myself, and not just be content with what I'm doing with my life right now. It goes "What if I say I'm not like the others, what if I say I'm not just another one of your plays, you're the pretender, what if I say I will never surrender?" It gets me pumped up and ready to go, and I always listen to it be for something like a soccer game.

    5. Some of my favorite bands are (in no particular order) Foo Fighters, Led Zeppelin, Nujabes, Blink-182, Eminem, Flight of the Conchords, Paramore, and Mumford and Sons.

  14. Music is an universal language. That may sound cliché, but it is not. Music conveys truth, emotion and meaning through melodies and pitches not words and phrases. This is especially true in the Harlem Renaissance. The blues was a genre of music totally original to African Americans. It was their contribution to the musical scene of the world. It was through their totally unique and never-before-heard music that caught the attention of America. This was a contribution that only they could make. It was a contribution that the nation fell in love with. Truly, the music of the Harlem Renaissance gave the Harlem Renaissance a voice. Finally they were heard. Finally the world could feel their pain, rejoice in their joys and feel the negro experience. Overnight the American culture was exponentially expanded. A large but silent group had finally been heard. There would be no more hiding. No more assimilation to being white. This was their time, their voice, and the world was going to hear their music.

    Music has the power to inspire and entertain like no other artistic medium. How often do you have a movie or a piece of art stuck in your head? Do you ever whistle to the lines spoken in a movie? No. Music fills an inner void that all of humanity shares. To me music is a medium of inspiration. I simply cannot do math or write a paper without music playing. It serves as a passageway between my thoughts and actions. It's in music that I find what I want to say. It isn't necessarily the lyrics that move me but the melody and rhythm. It's like a secret language that speaks directly to me and what I'm feeling.

    When I hear "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen I feel summer. Hold on, let me explain. I'm not saying that this is a particularly good piece of music or that I love this song. What I'm saying is that every time I hear this song I'm transported to where I heard it. I heard it in the pool in the middle of a workout, or on the deck of a swim meet. In either case, I can feel the warmth of the sweltering sun. I smell the chorine. I am with my relay team and we are pumping up as this song plays in the background. I can see my friends, I can feel the relaxation that summer brings. It is my favorite time of the year and every time I hear that song I am transported back.

    Music is a fluid element. It doesn't confine itself to any one emotion. Therefore, for me, I don’t confine myself to one song. It seems to me that as soon as I fall in love with one song, I find another that I like better and then I forget about my "first" love. I listen to music largely for the tune. Most lyrics have very little significance to me. They, to me, are not the beauty of the music. It is the rhythm and melody. Therefore, I cannot pick on song, in particular. That would be far too confining.

    1. I definitely agree with you that music is a universal language. I think that it's so interesting that even people with the greatest of differences can relate to one another on an emotional level. Regardless of skin color, background, religion, or home, humans all experience feelings, which is why music with emotion has the power to influence anybody.

  15. 1. I believe the reason music was so vital during the process of spreading voices in the HR was because music is a worldwide communication and everyone speaks to it and connects to it. Not only were these black folks getting their message across but they got it across through notes of humanity to create a song of a lifetime. As we know, songs get stuck in your head if they have a catchy tune and that's exactly what they wanted: for anyone to remember the words of their people. When we listen to India Arie, Bessie Smith, Ella Fitzgerald and Billy Holiday, you can just hear the sole in their voices. You can tell they speak through story and experience and in a way, that allows you to feel a connection at depth.
    2. Looking a pieces of creative form especially music and film opens up the possibility of endless imagination. Every note, every line, every detail has explanation and almost overwhelms me. I love that songs can bring unity and pride, keep me hopeful yet doubtful at times, and also express power or belittlement. I love that movies explain the happening of others but allow me to bring out myself as well. Both extract the well being of your sensibility to hear and see but exemplifies what we already know into a message greater than life. Along the way, music, film and art have taught me lessons that I will hold onto forever. I also feel that it might have ruined some idea I might have had before hand about something. I have to admit, there are movie and songs that make me want to burst into tears while others have no affect on me. In the end, it's my own spirit of freedom that will show when I see each piece of creative art form.
    3. When I hear Hans Zimmer, I feel humbled and a sense of serenity. Unlike any other previously mentioned artists, Hans Zimmer does not sing; he illustrates his thoughts and impressions on the earth through violins, flutes, cellos, harp, and trombones. He has done many soundtracks to movies including Inception, Pirates of the Caribbean, The Lion King, The Dark Night Rises, Sherlock Holmes and more, all which I love. These pieces of music move me to alternate universes. I get a sort of empowering feeling lodged in my heart which allows me to realize, life is good as we know it. That these pieces of music is the climax to what we know and I feel boundless to achieve anything.
    4. In specific, one of the songs that Hans Zimmer has composed that really grasps at me is Time which comes at the very end of Inception. At first it starts of slow and calm (the thoughts of a wise man dying in peace) then changes into a song with remedy and soothingness, next it platoons to the basis of conflict (almost as if that man has died and now you look to see the struggle you might have without that person). Finally you are left with a small sound of violins; the power house of reassurance.
    5. Some of the artists that I just can't get enough are Hands Zimmer, Bruno Mars, Mumford and Sons, Quindon Tarver, and Eminem. A lot of the time what gets my vote is either how they sing it (if they can hit high notes and hold them) or what they chose to say whether it be controversial or not. For some reason, I also can't get enough of black gospel music. It makes me want to hail Mary and sway in a long choir cloak. I really can love anything except for Country. I don't know why but I have never liked country.

  16. Music was vital in expanding the Harlem Renaissance because of the new opportunity all blacks had to now freely express their feelings, opinions, and ethnic background, incorporating these all into a powerful message that was hard to ignore. Even when you have no connection to the person making music, each individual lyric is powerful as to sway you to the message being expressed. The Blues were a uniting power in which multiple people could come together in likeness of a common problem, feeling, or like for the music made. It made artist, and common working man alike, feel stronger knowing that they were not alone.

    When I listen to a song, watch a movie, view a piece of art that I like, I am transformed into the dimension in which the musician/director/artist intended, or maybe not. What I mean by this is with all of these mediums, the end result is subjective. I become inspired, empowered and motivated in a different way each time. Whether it be dancing in my kitchen with my dogs, because I realize life is to short to be serious all the time. Or when a film moves me to tears, I am the character, and I am able to become empathetic through the character’s emotions and mindset. I become more aware of what kind of life I live, and what kind of person I am. Art takes me away to not only something the artist created, but my own personal rendering, my own world I create for myself through the paint, through the scene of the movie or the notes that come through my earphones. One of the greatest things I appreciate is when a piece of art is transformed into a rendered movie such as “The Girl with the Pearl Earring”, or “Elizabeth”. Connecting their life, from the paint on a canvas to scenes in a movie is time well spent to me.

    When I see someone’s art, whether it a painting, digital illustration, doodle, especially a electronic or hard-copy basis that I have collected multiple samples from, (Tumblr, weheartit, the walls of my bedroom are covered in pictures.) I feel like I can mentally step through the picture, I love when I am able to have a déjà vu through the picture I am looking at. When I feel physically or mentally broken or exhausted, I am reborn through the colors in which I wrap around myself in the illustrations I view. They fuel my creativity, they’re my protective barrier.

    One song that always moves me is “The Kids Aren’t Alright” by The Offspring, the song is pretty short but makes me shiver every time it comes on, “When we were young the future was so bright/The old neighborhood was so alive/And every kid on the whole damn street/Was gonna make it big and not be beat/Now the neighborhood's cracked and torn/The kids are grown up but their lives are worn
    How can one little street/Swallow so many lives/Chances thrown/Nothing's free
    Longing for what used to be/Still it's hard/Hard to see/Fragile lives, shattered dreams…/The cruelest dream, reality.” It gives me a wake up call to not throw my life away by passing the time by wishing instead of doing. It has a great, energizing beat, and makes me want to break out my pencils and draw something, or do something that gets me along further to my goals.

    Some of my favorite artists include:
    The Offspring
    Matisyahu and Trevor Hall
    The White Stripes
    Antonio Vivaldi
    Joe Hisaishi
    Pitbull, Timbaland, Eminem, Sean Paul (Admit it, we all have a secret love for trashy dancing music…)
    ANYTHING 80’s
    Hawaiian music of any kind
    Celtic and Irish music of any kind

    1. Jen,
      I really enjoyed hearing that like me, you dance in the kitchen with your dog, I seriously thought that I would be the only one! Anyways, back to your response, I really enjoyed reading that you let yourself feel through the different forms of art, whether it be drawing or music. I envy you for being empathetic with the characters then reflecting and changing yourself because of who you want to be.

    2. I just want to say that I love The Offspring, and honestly I thought no one even knew who they were. One of my favorites by them is "You're Gonna Go Far Kid", even though it's an old one. Usually I listen to it when I need to get pumped up, but it's still definitely a favorite! I love what you said about feeling like you are a character after a movie, because I always do that! Like after a gymnastics movie I feel like a gymnast, or after an inspirational one, I feel like I can do anything, it's amazing how much a movie can affect a person.

  17. Music expanded the voices of the HR because music was an outlet for ideas, emotions and creativity, which was not offered before. Music was a story that people could share and spread for miles without the story ever changing because the lyrics/message remained the same. Music in the HR inspired a unique culture where African heritage and hardship was celebrated.

    Music is a key part of my life. There is hardly a car ride or a moment at home where I am not singing along to a song. Lyrics to a song act to a gateway where I can listen to someone else’s story and relate it to what I am going through or what I have been through. Music helps me escape from the pressure of being the ideal daughter, tremendous student and allows me to just be myself for a change. I enjoy a variety of genres for music. Depending on my mood, I can cry to Carrie Underwood, rock out to Styx, or rap to Mac Miller. Through this diversity in music, I learned that even though rock artists are different from country, every song that is sung has a message to be heard.

    When I hear Florence and the Machine, I feel excited and my first reaction is to turn the radio up. I am so happy that a song artist understands my thoughts! Also, I have to admit that Florence has an amazing voice and her songs are life’s poetry. Their songs inspire me to live and keep pushing through the hard times in life. Every song has a brand new message and I find them relatable and worthy of listening to each one over and over again.

    One song that I instantly fell in love with was ‘Gone, gone, gone,’ by Phillip Phillips. This song taught me what it means to be there for someone when they need it most and to be patient with love and friendship. Towards the beginning of the song, when Phillip sings, “When enemies are at your door, I’ll carry you way from more. If you need help, if you need help. Your hope dangling by a string, I’ll share in your suffering to make you well, to make you well.” These simple lyrics show what it means to be loyal and love someone. I know that it is scary to be vulnerable but without risk there is no reward, and the most important thing that I learned from this song was just to be there. Be a constant presence in a friendship or relationship by being a shoulder to cry on and someone to share a joke and a smile with.

    Top Music Artists: Florence and the Machine, Carrie Underwood, Imagine Dragons, and Sonia Rao.

    1. I loved when you talked about how music can be a gateway to someone else's story. I think it can show us that we aren't alone. It can help us deal with what we are struggling through or make us express our happiness and really feel it.

    2. I can completely connect to you when you say that music is a way to hear anothers story. I love how it can be the tale of a heartbreak, love story, or even just a fun night with friends expressed through some lyrics.

  18. 1. The blues were significant because they allowed the African Americans to come together and sing about their experiences in terms of racism and other issues they faced. The blues brought a sense of soul as well as togetherness and unity. Culturally, the blues allowed people to share new messages and ideas.
    2. Music impacts me very much. Whenever I am in a bad mood, I turn up my music and belt out some notes! I love it when I find a song that is about something that I'm experiencing. I feel as though I can connect with someone who is just like me. There are so many different messages that music brings. In terms of art, I'm not very creative so I really enjoy seeing what other people create. Art causes me to reflect on my life, as well as what the general message is.
    3. When I hear music, I want to sing, dance, or even cry. It amazes me how much emotion an artist can pack into two and a half minutes. Music uplifts and charges me. There are some songs that give me goosebumps when I listen to it. I love music. I love being able to sing along, even if I don't know all the words. I love dancing along like no one is watching. I feel like I can be myself.
    4. The song "Smile" by Uncle Kracker uplifts me. I enjoy songs that put me in a good mood. I don't know why, but whenever I'm having a bad day, this song makes me feel better. It isn't necessarily the message that gets to me, it's the beat and general sound. It's very easygoing and fun to listen to, which is my favorite type of music.
    1. Kris Allen
    2. The Backstreet Boys (Love those old boy bands)
    3. Ed Sheeran
    4. Lee DeWyze
    5. The Script

  19. 1. The music of the Harlem Renaissance like the blues gave African Americans their voice. Like all music, it let them speak out in their own way to the rest of America. This music was new and original, so people had never heard anything like it before. Everyone was excited to see where it was going to take people living in the Harlem Renaissance. Finally, African Americans felt like they could contribute to society in their own way. They felt like they were finally part of something much bigger than themselves. People thoroughly enjoyed the music of the HR and it had a much larger effect on society than everyone had planned. It allowed blacks to bring their voices to the table in a free way. They could express their pain and sorrow with others, while contributing to the overall collection of music from that specific time. The music of the HR brought people with similar experiences together and connected people on another level. Blues singers were hugely inspirational to people of all kinds and opened their eyes to the suffering and hardship that many African Americans went through.

    2. Music has an immense effect on me and who I am today. I basically go home after school everyday and listen to music till I have to go to bed. I listen to it in the shower on full blast in the bathroom, constantly while I'm doing homework (like right now), and ALWAYS in the car. It is my life. Some people may say that's sad, but I disagree. Music is a way for people to express how they are feeling so that the world can understand. It's a universal language pretty much. I don't care where you are from, what your family is like, or how you look; everyone listens to some kind of music. That's what is so powerful to me I guess. Music can change my mood for the day; either positively or negatively. It can make me change my view on life and open my eyes to see things I didn't even know about beforehand. It frees my soul and my mind at the same time. When something can do that, you know that it has to be special. I wish, that I could listen to music all day and night. I think that everyone should at least give it a chance, because you never know when it's going to have a profound impact on you.

    3. When I hear old music, I feel thrown back into another time and it gives me a calm sense of everything being alright. I love the fact that music has the overwhelming power to throw us back into another decade when things used to be completely different. It gives me a soothing feeling because I know that people back then were able to get through the same sort of challenges that I am and they survived through it. It makes me feel almost insignificant, which weirdly, calms me down. I know that sounds strange, but knowing that my life doesn't have that much of an importance to others makes me stress less about the choices I have to make for the day, or better yet, my life. I just need to calm down and take a step back every once in a while and music helps me escape reality for a little while.

    4. One of my favorite songs is "Sitting On the Dock of the Bay" By Otis Redding. Every time I listen to that song it makes me so happy inside. The whole song, he sings about sitting on a dock watching the tides drift away and wasting time. It makes me realize that sometimes we all need to take a little time for ourselves and allow ourselves to be alone with our thoughts. His voice is so smooth like butter and I could literally listen to this song all day long. It puts me in a positive mood and is just a calming song to listen to. I am constantly doing something and am always going. Like Redding sings about in the song, it's okay to waste time. In my opinion, no time is wasted. Even the time we spend not doing something completely productive is equally as important to the development of our character.

    5. I love pretty much every single genre of music you could think of but some of my absolute favorite artists are:
    Calvin Harris
    The Temptations
    Otis Redding
    Bruno Mars
    One Direction

  20. The music was a vital part in expanding the voices because it gave them a way to share each and every one of their stories. The music was a form of their lives and memories good and bad. The music was one of their escapes and something to hold onto no matter where they were or what situation or lifestyle they were in. In one of the videos that we watched in class, the one man said that "when you got nothing else, you got the blues." Music is the passion and soul of the HR.

    Music art and film shape who you are as a person in the sense that what you take from it helps build your character. Also, the genre of the type of music or art or film sets each and every one of us apart yet keeps us united in different ways. These different art forms and genres are specified to each of our lives because we all relate to things differently. we are inspired by others that have gone through similar journeys or even similar hard times. Usually these people that have gone through these things that relate to us usually share how they overcome them as well. Them sharing their solutions and strengths in which helped them is what gets to us and allows us to relate to them as much as we do. All of this relating and inspiration is what helps shape us into human beings with different lives, stories, and adventures.

    When I hear the song one day by Asaf Avidan I feel freedom and a sense of adventure. The lyrics speak of finding those you love no matter the sex age or number of them. If you find those who you can grow old with and make an adventure with you need not be afraid and just let yourself go with what your heart feels. It also speaks of not being scared of differences in others or yourself. I connect so well with this song because I have found that I am very different and I have become content with that. I accept that I will most likely be everywhere in life because I am not afraid of finding new things and meeting new people. I admit that this might not be the most successful idea of a life financially but i would much rather have a successful life in the way that I have experienced what I want to and can die knowing that I had been apart of as much as I could in the life time that I have now.

    my top music artists: (not in order)
    Asaf Avidan, mumford and sons, tool, suicide silence, Childish Gambino, Jimmi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, sleeping with sirens, soko, Gary Jules, nevershoutnever, panic at the disco.

    1. I love how you say how music and art shapes you as a person because I completely agree. I am who I am today because of all that I have experienced; every movie I've watched and every song I have listened to has shaped me into the person you see today.

  21. Music played a vital role in the Harlem Renaissance. It didn’t just allow a way for the black people to connect, but to also connect to the white people. Music is universal so everyone could and can understand it. They can feel the sorrow and pain that everyone else went through. It was a doorway for people to experience others people feeling and to connect to their own. Music allowed a way for everyone to understand.

    I think music can bring out certain emotions in you because there is a song for every feeling you can have. Every time you here a song you can get a different message from it. For me, I have to have an image to have music completely open my eyes. One of the strongest times I have ever experienced this was just a few weeks ago. I was driving home in late evening towards the mountains. The sun perfectly shown through the clouds which were perfectly shaped as they hung over the tops of the mountains and “Garands” by Young the Giant came on and I don’t know what it was but I had never heard a song so clearly. It truly was able to evoke emotion in me like I had never had from a song before. I could truly understand what they were saying. It was one of the experiences where you can’t help but smile and you feel like nothing is wrong.

    Whenever I hear “Seasons” by Rome, I feel a sense of happiness. When I hear this song I think of summer. We all have a few songs that we cannot stop listening to and they become out “summer song” and this is one of mine. It reminds me of my friends and all the memories I made. Of the warm day and the ones its too hot to step outside. I first listened to this song with my brother so it also can remind me of him. I have learned many knew songs and artists that I would never discovered if it weren’t for him and it gives us another way to connect.

    One song that moves me is “I Got” by Young the Giant. Every time I hear it, it makes me feel a different way. It is a song about getting back up when everything is wrong and you feel trapped. One of the reasons this song moves me is because of the band. I can feel the singer connect with the song which really inspires me. I can tell he really cares about what he’s singing instead of just making a hit song.

  22. 1. Why was music so vital in expanding the voices of the HR? What were its implications into culture?
    During the Harlem Renaissance, music was used to embody the emotions, soul, and stories of African American people. As we read in "Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass", they sang songs of their sorrows. This eventually became the blues and was actually recognized as music. The African American people finally had something of their own that they were able to relate to. And because they could relate to it, they connected to each other through the music. They made a community and a culture around the Harlem Renaissance.

    2. As a musician, music is a huge part of my life. I play my guitar when I feel happy, sad, excite, or just bored. But, music can also change the way I feel. Whenever I listen to music that I like, I forget about my problems and I just focus on the voice behind the music. When I hear a difficult guitar riff or an interesting solo from any instrument, it inspires me to learn it, which is also why I procrastinate so much... However, this love for music has made me who I am today. Even if you go to a remote tribe in middle of South America or Africa, you can find music. It can connect people from any background, and that's what inspires me to express myself through music.

    3. When I hear music, I feel the emotion of the melody. I can feel the heart that the composer put into the song. Most of the reason why I don't like artists such as Justin Bieber or Lil Wayne for example, are the lyrics. When I listen to music, I want to be able to connect to the song through the heart-felt lyrics, not listen to songs about "swag" or indiscernable lyrics about getting high.

    4. Some songs that really moves me are Leave and Philander by Glen Hansard. Although I can thankfully say that I haven't gone through what he has as described in the song, I love all the emotion that he put into these songs. One of the many reasons I love this artist so much is the emotion he puts into almost every single song of his. Even though these songs are a little depressing, I love listening to it. I could never explain the feeling I have when I listen to these songs. It evokes a lot of empathy and emotion from me, just as a listener.

  23. Music helped shape the HR by providing them with a way to express themselves. The music put their feelings into a universal language. When someone speaks to another, their are biases in every way, from the way they look to the way they speak. Someone can have a strong, pertinent view point, however if they can't articulate it, no one will listen. In music, anyone can sing anything and people will find meaning in it. This is what music provided the HR. They were able to express their feelings in a way that every one would listen and understand. Not only that, but it also created a strong culture and individuality for them to grasp onto. This allowed them to fight through moments of time with something they can really truly believe.

    Music affects me by creating a place that can not only reflect my emotions, but can also shape them into something completely new. As I am writing this at 11pm, I'm listening to The General by Dispatch and it's doing both of those things. It's reflecting my feelings of exhaustion and thoughtfulness, while also shifting it into a happy, vibrant feeling. As the song changes to Scar Tissue by RHCP (Red Hot Chili Peppers), my thoughts and feelings also shift and stir. This is what music provides me with, a feeling of content. And as the listen to any music, I feel every note course through my body and make smile, no matter my mood.

    As I listen to the song All Mixed up by 311, I feel a major sense of calm and happiness, yet that feeling of being a teenager comes to the surface. 311 is a west coast band that performs ska, or surfer music. Their music truly brings out the youth of the listener and brings a happy upbeat feeling that mellows me out and just reflects my life as a teenager and how I want to live.

    A song that moves me is The General by Dispatch. This song is about a general in the military that one night has a epiphany and remembers everything he has seen and tells all his troops to go home. He claims "I have seen the others, and I've discovered this fight is not worth fighting." He goes on to say he will do his duty but will not order any to follow. The part that speaks to me is what he orders them to do. "Take a shower and shine your shoes, you've got no time to lose. You are young men you must be living. Go now you are forgiven." This tells me that you have to go out and live your life. We are young and have everything to lose and everything to gain. When you are struggling you can't drag people into it if it's not worth fighting. You, literally, "do [your] duty, and will no other to follow where [you're] going."

    Top 10:
    1. Grateful Dead
    2. Sublime (Bradley Nowell)/Pepper
    3. 311
    4. Nirvana
    5. Red Hot Chili Peppers
    6. Bob Marley
    7. Eminem/Bad Meets Evil
    8. Beastie Boys (the orginal white rappers)
    9. White Stripes
    10. Violent Femmes/Green Day

  24. 1.Music Was so vital in the HR because of the voice it gave people. Music served as a way of expression for not only the artists, but for the entire culture. By serving as this route of freedom and expression the musicians of the HR were able to connect with one another while also entertaining one another. The blues are a perfect example of this; the lyrics often told tales of sorrow and sadness, but through the musicians were used to make others feel better while telling their story at the same time.

    2.Music is a part of my life that I could not live without. Throughout my life I have found comfort in music, but I have also found more than that. Music speaks to me as a person, there are songs that address my personal struggles in life, and the relation I feel to these songs is immense. And while there are songs for the bad times, music is also something that brings life, excitement, and can bring entertainment in all forms. From pump up to songs to classic rock, music is a fantastic entertainer.

    3.When I hear classic rock, I feel as if a new relationship between myself and the artist has been built. Classic rock has always been one of my most loved music genres. The feeling of soul and strength that it brings strikes me and will resonate with me throughout the day following hearing it. Lyrics of music have evolved over time, and looking back on this evolution I seem to find the most truth in the lyrics of these classic day rock bands. I love when a song has meaning, and I enjoy that song even more if I can connect to that meaning on a personal level, this is what I have been able to do with classic rock and is one of the reasons why it stands above many other music genres for myself.

  25. 1. Music was vital in expanding the voices of the Harlem Renaissance because it allowed them to share their ideas and experiences in a way that words never could. I like what Chase said about music being a universal language, because it really is. Even if I couldn’t understand a word the singer of a song was singing, the feeling and message would still shine through. Every beat, every melody that made up the songs of the Harlem Renaissance had meaning, and told a story, or revealed an idea. Music doesn’t require an advanced education to make or understand, and I think that this characteristic is what made it so influential. It could be understood by even the poorest of poor, the most uneducated people, and thus artists were able to reach a much greater audience than would be possible with poetry, or books. It’s something that can be felt, that doesn’t need to be bound by paper and string, or hung in a museum on a wall. Music can be made in the middle of nowhere, with just a voice, and a single instrument, or it can be played in a crowded hall, but the effect is the same no matter what. The music that the artists of the Harlem Renaissance created was something that anyone could play and that reflected the songs of slavery, it was music that was a part of black culture, and people could relate to its messages, making it effective.

    2. Music and other art forms shape people because they allow us to see what others are feeling, and hear the stories of so many people we would have never known otherwise. It makes us feel things, and reminds us of moments in our own lives. It can be nostalgic, sad, happy, and so many other things. Listening to it can influence our mood and help us see things we wouldn’t have seen before. It can show us so many truths about life.

    3. I have to agree with Melissa on this one; every time I hear country music it just makes me feel happy and at home. When I’m having a bad day, when I’m having a good day, when I need a little pumping up, whether for a soccer game, swim meet, or anything else, country can do that for me. There really is a song for any mood. The lyrics speak of life, of love and loss, and for me they really ring true with what I have experienced in my life. They also remind me of my childhood. I grew up in the Midwest, in a small town, so despite my parents loving mostly classic rock or jazz, or the blues, or traditional Celtic music that I never learned to appreciate until I grew up, and their constant dragging of my brother and I to various concerts and music festivals all around Chicago, that I wish I would have appreciated more; country music has always had a presence in my life. This was especially true in the Midwest, where I have actually witnessed people driving their tractors around town. It’s simply a part of life for me, and it both teaches about life, and is there to lift me up whenever I need it.

    1. I really liked that you mentioned how listening to a song can let you hear the stories of people that you otherwise would not have heard. Being able to listen to the stories of people you have never met reminds me that we are never alone in what we are feeling and that somebody else has felt the same emotion that you might be experiencing.

  26. 4. One song that really moves me is “All Those Pretty Lights” by Andrew Belle. I love his style of music, and the way it makes me feel so calm and in a way, content. The simple sound of it, the piano and drumbeats, and guitar in the background, it all comes together to create something like nothing I’ve ever heard before. This particular song reminds me of the summer, maybe because I stumbled upon it a few summers ago, and have been listening to it frequently, as well as his other songs, ever since (a miracle for someone like me, who gets tired of a song after only weeks), but the lyrics are reminiscent of summer nights for me as well. My favorite part is:
    “And I wanna remember this night
    And how my words never came out right
    It's just my patience that keeps me alive
    Just like all those pretty lights
    Just like all the pretty lights in the sky”
    I can’t help but think of a late summer night, after a day of adventure. He brings together both the sadness of a long night, the remembering of mistakes and regrets, and the hope that comes with it. It shows the promise of a new day, and the bright light of all the memories yet to come. It makes me think, and helps put things in perspective for me, as many of his other songs do as well.

    I don’t have any particular favorites, but some that I’ve liked for a while are:
    Country (pretty much all of it), Andrew Belle, The Maine, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Mayday Parade, Maroon 5, Jack Johnson, Fun, Ed Sheeran, Andy Grammer, All Time Low, 30 Seconds to Mars, The Cab, The Spill Canvas, The Script, Relient K, Of Monsters and Men, 3Oh!3, Panic! At The Disco, My Chemical Romance, and I could go on and on, even though I already have so many.

  27. Music was so vital in expanding the voices of the HR because it gave blacks a way to express themselves and finally start building and shaping a strong culture. The Blues is something everyone had and everyone understood so it brought the people together, and blacks finally had a way to sow their voice in a way that really made people listen to them and consider their lives. The blues brought people together and gave them a sense of unity, and I believe music is the result of true emotion and spirit and in many sounds and forms music can be the essence of passion or pain. Music gives many a voice who didn’t have one, or forces many of us to listen, that’s why it was so significant in shaping the HR culture.
    Film and music inspire and shape me so much. They both have such a huge impact on my life . Music and film allow me to escape and forget so many of hardships ,problems and paint in life by filling me with hope and renewing my spirit. But at the same time music and film bring me closer to myself and my own understanding of who I am, and helps me really think. When I see a great movie, one that made me feel, think, dream, or anything, when the credits cue comes I just sit and think for a couple seconds and in that moment there is nothing matching that feeling or the depth of my thoughts. Music and film make me feel connected to myself and the universe. Music and film evoke a lot from me, any feeling, thought, and most of the time they both take me back to a memory or sometime in my life. They help me build new worlds and build my creativity and mind.
    When I hear a song that resonates with me, or a movie that movies me I feel connected to the universe. I feel like alive and important. Its hard to explain but when I her a song or see a movie the feelings and emotions are so deep and real they surprise me, and I feel so much greater and beyond myself. The song “To Build a Home” by Cinematic Orchestra really inspires me and evokes a lot of thought and emotion this song reminds me that the world is so much bigger then myself and there is so much more too it, and the we all want to feel connected. I would describe this song as fragile and its melody still gives me strength and so much opportunity for the world. I can’t pick a favorite artist r movie because I love so many!

  28. I think that this is when music really became a way for people to connect to each other. During the HR, a lot of people felt oppressed by society, but when the blues played, they were able to forget the troubles and dance or hum along to the sound of someone else feeling the same pain. I think that this is when music began to bring people together. It was no longer just background music, the blues became an experience. Music is so important to me. I love how it can speak exactly what I couldn't put into words and make me feel even the emotions i didn't know were in me. I love how a different beat can give me a different feeling and make me want to dance or cry or sing at the top of my lungs. The way that some songs have affected me in the past is how i felt my sadness, my grief. But also joy and immense happiness. I don't think anything else will effect me quite as well as music has and will continue to do. When I hear "November Blue" by The Avett Brothers I feel like I am in touch with my soul. I feel like I felt that night I was standing on the steps of red rocks, listening to Scott Avett play the guitar and sing so beautifully that I was basically in tears. I feel like every emotion inside of me is exposed and I can realize what I couldn't before, I can see a side of me that was hidden before I hit play. I may not be able to fully explain how i feel and what im saying may sound crazy, but I can't fully put into words how my mind, my heart and my soul react when I hear the beautiful piano intro of that song. Picking my top music artists is one of the hardest challenges I can think of but if I had to narrow it down to a few, in no particular order, it would be: The Smiths, Elton John, The Avett Brothers, The Black Keys, Counting Crows, The Lumineers, Lana Del Rey, Van Morrison, Nirvana And The Ramones.

  29. 1. Music was vital in expanding the voices of the Harlem Renaissance because it was an extension of the true feelings of the black population. Music was a way that people could express ideas that they were unable to put into words and reach an audience that spanned from the rich and literate to the poor and uneducated. Not only did it reach all audiences, it could be made by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Not only did the music show their hardships, and emotions in regard to them, but for the first time it was expressed in a way that couldn't be punished. Blacks could be condemned for giving their opinion, especially if it was a negative one, but because music evokes emotion in all people, whites could also relate to their black neighbors for the first time. In other words, everybody speaks the same language in music. Music allowed the voices of the blacks to be heard, and the consequences of it were the beginning of a movement, the start of integration in society, and the birth of the Blues. The birth of the Blues started a movement that unified the black population in Harlem. This way of expression allowed the blacks to ban together and form a strong, united community that could set an example for black communities around the nation, small and large.

    2. Music, and other forms of art, have all made an impact on my life and who I have turned out to be. I think that music is inspiring because it can both affect your mood and reflect your mood. Since there is such a wide variety in music, there is a song for any mood or emotion that you could possibly be feeling. Sometimes when I’m sad, I can listen to a serious song and reflect on how I am feeling. On the other hand, if I had a bad day, I can listen to an uplifting song and my mood will instantly change. I believe that the lyrics of each song tell a story and give insight into someone else’s life. I love listening music that I can personally relate to because it makes me feel emotions and allows me to understand and connect with a person that I have never met. I also find escape in music because it makes me relax. I am rather high strung and usually think through everything that I do and say. When I listen to a song I am forced to react and feel without analyzing. Songs have the ability to evoke emotion in you, based on the lyrics, and help you to learn life lessons by revealing little truths. Everyone has different tastes in music and I know that I choose music based on how I view the world and feel about certain matters. I think that music both reflects and shapes people because it exposes who you are and changes how you think.

  30. 3. When I hear “Single Ladies” by Beyoncé it makes me feel jolly. I think that it’s such a funny, simple little song and it makes me forget about all of life’s complexity. It makes me want to get up and dance around wherever I happen to be, and I do. It’s easy to sing along to and everybody knows the words. Singing and dancing always put me in a better mood and that’s the reason that I like this song. I know that I am listening to a silly tune, but I still love that it forces me to have a good time, even if it is just for a couple of minutes.

    4. One song that particularly moves me is Jason Mraz’s “Living in the Moment.” It has a relaxing vibe and wholesome lyrics. This song reminds me not to spend too much time worrying about the past or the future and to simply enjoy what is going on around me. It makes me remember how blessed I am to have everything that I could possibly need and prompts me to live with a grateful attitude. I love to sing along and think about all of the positive things that life has to offer. My favorite lyrics are “I’m living in the moment, living my life. Easy and breezy, peace in my mind, peace in my heart, peace in my soul.” These lyrics tell me to relax and enjoy life every once in a while without stressing about my responsibilities as a student, athlete, and member of a family.

    5. I do not have any favorite artists. While I typically have an opinion about everything, I truly enjoy all music. I think that I like listening to a variety of music because I am a person that needs change. By simply switching the music station on the radio I can satisfy this desire. I love listening to country, rap, and the channel with the most popular songs of the week. I don’t mind listening to a little rock in the car with my dad, and I like to hear the Christian station, especially on Sundays. I think that music has also given me a small taste of diversity, since I don’t experience too much at home or at school.