Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Gatsby Chapter 9 Silent Socratic

Hi Guys! Please read all of the following directions. Today, you are going to do a silent discussion over the end of the book; please make sure to reference specific quotes in text as much as possible; always end with a question and refresh your page periodically to read comments that are coming in and respond to one another.  I would like you to discuss the book first, then you can move into critical level questions.  Be thoughtful and show depth with analysis.  Push each other.  If you are responding to certain people, either comment under their question or write their name so they know to whom you are speaking.

Also, make sure to read over your timed writing prompts (handout given in class) as we will write Thursday. DO NOT write out your paper; it is supposed to be practice for the purpose of writing an argument in a timed setting-have a thesis, maybe quotes from book-I will be coming around to check.

ANSWER my question first and then leave with a question and begin your silent thread.

1.  Analyze the imagery of the final three paragraphs in the book; look up words if you don't know them.  What is Fitzgerald conveying?  What sense does it bring you as a reader?  (Just to think about-look at how "Winter Dreams" ended.  How is this ending vastly different?)